Interview Series: Colombia as a place to invest

As I have mentioned¬†previously, I met with officials from Colombia‚Äôs Finance Ministry during my trip to the country in March. While the focus of our meeting was on the fundamentals of the Colombian economy, I was keen to learn more about the specifics of…

Interview Series: 11 Questions for the Minister of Finance

Ireland was the fastest growing economy in Europe in 2015, ranked by percentage change in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the economic indicator which captures the value of all goods and services in an economy. While there has also been a major improvement across a…

Interview Series: with Blackrock’s Adam Ryan

My latest endeavour to make the subject of financial markets and the economy more accessible to everyone is an interview series where I am intend to interview a range of fund managers, investment strategists and government officials, and to share these insights with you….

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