The world of financial markets and economics can be a foreign and unwelcoming place for many people. Jargon filled reports and the often convoluted language creates a veil of complexity that can be unnerving for the average individual.

However, it is important to remember one thing. Financial market performance and the macroeconomy in general is simply the collective output of the behaviour of many individuals. Therefore, the fundamental objective of this blog is to make the world of financial markets and economics more accessible to everyone.

Secondly, as an individual  I am a believer in objective independent thinking. It was the blind faith of the consensus in financial models and their own brain power that caused the financial crisis. Accepting our own fallibility is the first step in being objective and building more robust investment portfolios. Therefore, I question everything!

Vincent McCarthy, CFA


This is my own personal website and all views are my own. 

Be warned, my musings do reflect my personality and are not simply about stuff going up and down. Football (and Liverpool FC) is a passion of mine so I  tend to use football analogies regularly but I may also make references to film/philosophy/business and other topics that I find interesting or funny, which may not be directly related to financial markets.