Thoughts on health and my climb for Parkinson’s

In my previous experience working in wealth management with individual private clients, the focus of my role was providing advice on investments to help people reach their personal and retirement goals. However, most often I would find that people had no idea what those goals were, what…

The obesity crisis: a discussion with Kildare Focus

Radio interview with Ciara Plunkett on Kildare Focus:

‘We’re fat and getting fatter – and it’s a life and death issue’

This article featured as an opinion piece in the on June 3rd 2015: THE WORLD HEALTH Organisation released a report at the start of last month warning that Ireland is moving up to the top of the obesity table; on current trends we’re…

The Mortgage Crisis: Interview on The Bottom Line

A discussion on the mortgage crisis with Dolores Martyn, host of “The Bottom Line” show on Northern Sound

Down to Business: Mortgage Arrears Crisis

There is a first time for everything and on Saturday I proved I really do have a face for radio. I was part of a discussion on the mortgage arrears crisis on Bobby Kerr’s “Down to Business” show on Newstalk. While we only had…

CFA Magazine May/June Edition: A Winning Tactic

The crowning of Chelsea as Premier League champions over the weekend ties in nicely with the release of the latest edition of the CFA Institute Magazine and the inclusion of an article I wrote earlier in the year: “A Winning Tactic: To Cope with…

Reflecting on Life Lessons from Chris Hadfield

An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth – Life Lessons from Space, by Chris Hadfield Chris Hadfield is a retired astronaut, the first Canadian to walk in space. If you have never heard of Chris, check out his version of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”…

Being the Designated Driver

Annual IAPF Investment Conference, 26/03/2015 A look at the impact of quantitative easing on pension schemes. Link to my presentation: Being the Designated Driver    

Thoughts on the mortgage arrears crisis; the great contradiction

Last Friday the Central Bank of Ireland released the Residential Mortgage Arrears and Repossessions Statistics, updated to December 31st 2014. The report is particularly timely given the huge increase in repossession orders being lodged with the courts and as more high profile cases garner…

Me & My Money: In conversation with Tony Clayton-Lea

Interview appeared in the Irish Times Tuesday February 24th 2015

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