Loyalty is subjective, but definitely in short supply in football

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Like valuation in financial markets, loyalty is also subjective. There are those who believe they prescribe to the ideal of loyalty, only to be found wanting when their character is tested. It is something that is at the heart of all relationships, but of course each party may have a different view on how far it stretches.

As money has permeated football in recent years loyalty has become a commodity in short supply. Reflecting on the collapse of Liverpool’s top four hopes in recent weeks I cannot help but lament the days of football players playing with real heart and loyalty to their club. Now we’re forced to watch spoilt teenagers with inflated egos believing the superstar hype, Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling being the latest example, after just one good season in the premier league.

I am not saying loyalty means signing your life away. Footballers, like people in all walks of life, are free to look elsewhere if the relationship is not matching their ambitions, but there is a way of moving on with class. Sterling has every right to negotiate on the terms of his contract. However, his interview ahead of Saturday’s game with Arsenal was an insult to the club and the fans. His performance in the game was not much better. If Sterling is not committed to the club then it’s time to show him the door!


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