Adjusting to QE, is like life after Suarez!

Just as markets are struggling to adjust to life after QE, Liverpool have yet to come to terms with life after Luis Suarez. If “QE puts beer goggles on investors by creating a line of sight where everything looks good”, it seems Suarez made Liverpool fans, including myself, believe the players around him were better than they are.

Like the markets, the fundamentals always trump irrational exuberance and the loss of Suarez has brought us back to earth. Still, this week we welcome Real Madrid to Anfield in the Champions League, an occasion that should lift even the likes of our moody Italian!

There will no weekly missive over the next two weeks as I’ll be doing some on the ground research in Cambodia, one of the up and coming frontier markets. The Cambodian Stock Exchange has only two listed companies so I’ll mostly be on the beach!

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