UK Election: Will the real Ed please stand up?

Ed Miliband 3

The UK general election will come to a head this week with voters going to the polls on Thursday. The uncertainty around the outcome weighed on Sterling last week, with volatility against the Euro and the US dollar reaching levels last seen in 2011.

Financial markets crave certainty, and a strong conservative led government would be welcomed by the market. However, it does not look like we’ll have a clear-cut outcome to the election. No party is expected to hold a majority, while the meteoric rise of the Scottish National Party could have massive implications on the outcome of the election and the decision making of the next government, if they become part of a new coalition.

One of the more interesting things to come out of the election campaigning is an edit of Labour leader Ed Miliband’s campaign video, entitled “Ed Miliband: A Portrait”, to Eminem’s Lose Yourself:  Ed Miliband: A Portrait (8 Mile Version). The edited version from a company called Sea Legs has more than double the views of the original. I know which version I prefer.

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