The ‘special one’ is losing control

Liquidity Warning

The manner of the PBOC’s intervention in the currency markets last week raised doubts about whether they are actually in control of the situation, something that is integral to their role as stewards of monetary policy. In the football world, maintaining a perception of control, real or otherwise, is just as important for the manager of a football club. While the PBOC seem to have convinced the market they have things under control, the antics of Jose Mourinho of late continue to portray a man that is not entirely in control, of his team and his future at Chelsea. There was nothing ‘fake’ about the 3-0 defeat to title rivals Man City yesterday, with his Chelsea squad showing clear signs of strain. Again, I am not hugely surprised. Still, it’s all about Monday night football, with plenty of goals expected in Liverpool’s first home game of the season at Anfield!!

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