Reflecting on another year gone by

With another year drawing to a close, I found myself reading some quotes on reflection over the weekend, as I thought about how quickly the years seem to be passing. Turning 34 in a few weeks, on January 3rd for anyone who wants to…

Pensions: An Interview with The Examiner

Article appeared in The Examiner December 18th 2015

Rate hike this week from the US Federal Reserve

To raise or not to raise? That has been the question for a long time now for the US Federal Reserve’s monetary policy committee. Year after year, meeting after meeting, the Fed have pushed out the timing for US rate hikes. Well, it appears…

Weekly Market Recap: W/E December 11th 2015

Market Recap Global equity markets sold off sharply last week as investors were spooked by plunging commodity prices and events in the high yield bond market, made worse by the impending rate hike from the US Federal Reserve.

Thoughts on Investment Manager Selection

Article appeared in the Sunday Business Post December 13th 2015

Shut gates in high yield bonds & the slide in oil

High yield bond funds: shut gates…. While the turmoil in the commodity markets has been on everyone’s radar for the last year, the deterioration in the high yield bond market has been rumbling beneath the surface. However, on Friday it began to bubble over…

Thoughts from Feurteventura: Health & Retirement

My commentary is late this week because I was away for a short trip to Fuerteventura, Spain. The reason I bring it up is not to tell you about the amazing scenery there, but to share with you a lesson I took from the…

Lofty Expectations: The ECB & LFC

Just as market participants were guilty of getting carried away, in terms of their expectations of the next round of monetary policy measures from the European Central Bank on Thursday, I must admit a similar guilt in being overly exuberant about Liverpool’s title hopes…

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