Me & My Money: In conversation with Tony Clayton-Lea

Interview appeared in the Irish Times Tuesday February 24th 2015

Germany V Greece: “eureka moment” needed…..

All eyes will be on the meeting of the Euro area finance ministers today and whether some agreement can be reached on the path forward for Greece. Markets will continue to be sensitive to any news flow, in what is really a battle between…

“Herbalife will go to Zero” – Bill Ackman

In July of last year I wrote a piece on Herbalife – “Is Herbalife (NYSE:HLF) a Pyramid Scheme?” – following the presentation by Bill Ackman, the legendary hedge fund manager and founder of Pershing Square Capital Management, where he exposed Herbalife to be a…

Weekly Market Recap: 15th February 2015

Market Recap Global equity markets moved higher last week, despite mixed economic data, buoyed by the ceasefire announcement in the Ukraine and hope increased that a compromise will be reached in Greece.

Pensions can be an employee incentive

Article appeared in the Sunday Business Post February 15th 2015 The worst of the recession appears to be behind us. With the outlook for economic growth improving, SMEs can expect increased competition for talented candidates. One element of an attractive remuneration package that is…

Where I am allocating my football capital

The legendary Bill Shankly once said that “If Everton were playing at the bottom of the garden, I’d pull the curtains.” Well if he was looking down on the weekend’s Merseyside derby he’d have surely pulled the curtains, for what was a disappointing encounter….

Irish 30 Year Bond Issue & Record Low Long Term Eurozone Bond Yields

Irish Government get €4bn 30 year interest only loan at 2% The Irish government came to the market last week with their first ever 30-year bond for sale, maturing in February 2045 and with a coupon payment of 2%. In the lead-up to the auction it was…

Weekly Market Recap: February 9th 2015

Global equity markets moved higher last week despite mixed economic data and little sign that the Greek situation will be resolved in a straightforward way.

Riding the volatility of the market on the back of QE

Article appeared in Sunday Business Post, February 8th 2015. In the long term, we’re all dead, said Keynes – and your approach to risk depends on your point of view So far in 2015 the financial markets can aptly be characterised by increased volatility,…

Weekly Market Recap: February 2nd 2015

Global equity markets closed in the red last week and bond yields continued to move lower as US economic data disappointed, Eurozone inflation fell further and the Greeks added to a general feeling of uncertainty on the outlook for the Eurozone.

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