The consumption economy: take on more debt!

The Greek vote does raise a wider issue at the heart of the weak global economy, too much debt! Central banks have merely provided a stay of execution

Weekly Market Recap: January 26th 2015

Market Recap Global equity markets rallied strongly last week after Mario Draghi finally gave them what they wanted, an asset purchase plan that will encompass the purchase of sovereign government bonds.

Mario Draghi: confidence or arrogance with ECB efforts?

While Mario Draghi had equity markets salivating last week, the Germans will be wincing in the knowledge that their monetary policy is now firmly in the hands of the money printing Italian,

Liverpool & Tesco Plc revisited: a dead cat bounce?

On December 15th, I wrote a piece on the hope I shared, as a Liverpool FC fan, with Tesco investors, the hope that we had finally hit rock bottom. Since then the fortunes of both organisations have improved dramatically;

All eyes on Mario Draghi and his QE announcement

While Mario Draghi has argued for years that Europe is not turning Japanese, in terms of a deflationary spiral, the performance of European government bonds would suggest that the battle is being lost against deflation.

Two important lessons from the SNB decision

“Words fail me” Nick Hayek, CEO of Swatch The real story from last week was the surprise announcement from the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to abandon their currency peg with the Euro,

Weekly Market Recap: January 19th 2015

Market Recap Global equity markets were mixed last week after the shock decision on Thursday by the Swiss National Bank (SNB), to abandon their currency peg with the Euro, reverberated across financial markets. The resulting currency moves seemed to dictate the performance of the…

Adding a dynamic allocation that can adapt to the changing environment

As I think about the outlook for the global economy and financial markets in the year ahead I can’t help but bring it back to a sporting context, in my case football. In preparation for every football match a manager sets out his team…

The Year Ahead: Key Considerations

As I consider the outlook for the year ahead I am certain that once again the predominant theme is central bank policy. The investment world is a dynamic place and each week in my weekly musings I try to touch on the most relevant developments. Therefore, I have…

Market Review of 2014: a time for reflection

“Past events will always look less random than they were” Nassim Taleb Another year behind us and for the most part investors have enjoyed stellar returns, as the influence of the world’s major central banks outweighed the lower than expected global GDP growth, geopolitical…

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